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Studio MAG

engineers and architects

Studio MAG

engineers and architects

Real Estate consulting in the Costa Smeralda

Consulenza Immobiliare Olbia e Costa Smeralda

The Real Estate Consulting

Due diligence real Estate, Analysis, Control and Verification of Urban-Construction-Engineering-Land real Estate.
The real estate investment describes traditionally one of the main forms of asset diversification and expresses an important component.
Through an analysis of the operation and a preliminary estimate of the value of the asset the Firm May Engineers and Architects of Arzachena, Porto Cervo, Olbia, the Costa Smeralda will assist you in the purchase / sale transactions of buildings whether they are acquisitions or disposals.
The Study May Engineers and Architects of Porto Cervo and the Costa Smeralda carries out surveys on the buildings, consisting in the verification of Urban planning, Construction, Engineering, Cadastral, of the well through a process of analysis with the aim to verify the full compliance of the goods with respect to rules in force.
A proper due Diligence has the aim to properly assess the real property affecting the real market value.
Rely on a professional with the purpose of be certain of making a good bargain during the negotiation of the purchase of a property is very important, the full survey on a property that the Studio Mag to Olbia, Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda , plays , gathers all the news on the real estate that the buyer needs to know before proceeding with the purchase.
The due diligence real Estate, that is, the activity of investigation and analysis applied to real estate object of sale is one of the systems most used for the determination of the correct value of the property, this must necesssariamente be carried out before its transfer of ownership, or the transfer of rights or obligations related to the good .
The final purpose of due Diligence is to identify and potential risks related to the transaction .


Because Real Estate Consulting

The study May of Engineers and Architects of Costa Smeralda is a study with thirty years of experience on various aspects of real estate consulting specific to real estate .

The services reference in the field of real Estate Consulting are : Expert Estimation of real Estate also sworn, Technical Advice, Building Practices in the Amnesty, Assessments of Static, Regular Land, Bills of Quantities and Specifications, Energy Performance Certificates, Energy audits, Render and View a Virtual Interior and Exterior, Reliefs of Environmental and Remediation Acoustic

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Studio Engineers and Architects

Engineer Giovanni E. Magnani

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